The Maine Problem

Some of you people still don’t get it, do you? I mean, I’m not trying to bust anyone’s balls here (internal or external). It is absolutely right, in every way we can to continue to fight for for LGBT Civil Rights BUT you have to take a step back and look at what we’re dealing with here.
Yes, Obama won the presidency and he’s said nicer things and made more solemn promises to help us than any other president in US history. Obama doesn’t believe in marriage equality for us. He said so. Over and over. I’m delighted to have him say “I am in this fight with you,” even if he does want me to be juuuuust a little bit less of an American citizen than I would like to be. Okay, to be fair, he doesn’t see it that way. And truth me told if he’d come right out and said he was for gay marriage he probably wouldn’t be the President of the United States. But sad as it is, we have two choices when it comes to election day when vote for president. I’d love to see that change but until money ceases to be the central contributing factor in American politics… get used to things being a lot more of (mostly) the same and that Change that everyone seems to worship is going to be a long time coming. Not really the point I set out to make. The bottom line is Obama only got about 60% of the popular vote which may sound like a lot, especially when you’re considering that that is about 9 million votes but think about it, 60% of a pie is still about half. If Adam and I sit down to share a pizza and he ate 60% of it, I wouldn’t feel totally ripped off. I’d think we each got about half of the pizza. So, my dear friend I have the sad duty to inform you that about half of the voting population, one year ago, thought that should the man in charge take a bullet to the head SARAH PALIN should be the leader of the free world! That’s what we’re dealing with here. These tea bagging idiots have promised to bring guns if they don’t get their way. That’s scary stuff.  The people who voted for McCain are the people who are voting against your civil rights — pretty much across the board.
The prospect of letting states vote on whether some of it’s citizens get the full rights and protections under the law that all the rest get or not… is a ludicrous concept anyway. I was born and raised in Alabama. Can you imagine what would have been the outcome if they’d ask the citizens of Alabama to VOTE whether or not people of different races could get married in 1967?! Exactly.
If you compare the current Civil Rights struggle to the Black Civil Rights movement. It’s about 1960. Welcome to the revolution.

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