Someone Special

Once in a while someone special crosses your path. And no, this time I’m not talking about Adam.
Several months ago, I was in one of my “Jeff tries to get eight hours of work done in an hour” panics and I walked into the UPS store across the street to get something shipped… or make a thousand copies… or likely both. The young man behind the counter was friendly and helpful and  his calm, cool nature helped to back my RPMs off a bit. I have to admit I was feeling sort of blue, overwhelmed and frustrated by life that day. But it seemed like every time this young man (his name is Zac) opened his mouth, some morsel of wisdom would come out. But these weren’t just platitudes, they were great spiritual truths which I, at least for the moment, had forgotten… one after the other, one helpful and meaningful comment after the other. Additionally the things he said were contextualized in the frame of reference familiar to me from my years in Science of Mind and Unity Church (no, not Unitarian and no, not Scientology). If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret,” Michael Beckwith was my minister at Agape, the church we attended in LA. Anyway, beside the point. Maybe. I started to realize that the things Zac was saying were exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. Now I don’t believe that God sends good things to some people and withholds from others. I don’t believe in that kind of God. I do believe in God and mostly what I believe about God is that It’s mysterious… but that the nature of God (at least Universal Spiritual Law) can be known.  I too anthropomorphize God sometimes because it helps me to do so. And when I do, I have no problem with Michaelangelo’s depiction of Him… a hot muscled-up Daddy in the sky, sort of a celestial silver fox.  I alternate this version with a sort of Heavenly Maya Angelo Heavenly Mother.  (Maya Angelo is pretty heavenly already.)  But I digress.

I had the sense that day in UPS store that God was sending me help through this young man Zac. So I tithed to him.
I am a believer in the spiritual principle of tithing. That is, I return the first and best ten percent of all that I receive to that place on the planet where I receive my spiritual food. I’ve tithed to churches, book authors, waitresses and homeless people. In the moment that I realize I have received spiritual food, I give ten percent of all that I have received since the last time I tithed. It usually doesn’t take long. If I’m on the lookout for it, spiritual food comes around pretty often. Tithing also has another benefit in that it keeps me on the lookout for it. Plus it reminds me that God is the source of all my good so I don’t get confused and start trying to make my employers or investors my “higher power.” On that day, God spoke through Zac.
Since that time we’ve kept in touch and had a few good conversations. He’s been helpful more than once with all the things I’m trying to accomplish with my play and with the Mehadi Foundation. Recently I went to dinner and a movie with him and his smart and beautiful girlfriend Erin. Ever since I met Zac I’ve wanted him to be more a part of my life. So today we made it official and he came on board with the Eyes of Babylon team. He’ll be working as an intern for the New York run. He’s a young man with big goals and dreams and I like that. I also like that he’s not someone who participates in the lie that you have to be lecherous and evil to get what you want in need in life. He is highly principled, kind and a very hard worker.
Welcome aboard, Zac! I hope our friendship and our working relationship lasts a lifetime.

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