Do You Have a Job?

Well, if my readers reflect the national average, about 92% of you said yes to that question. So the other 8% of you, I’m guessing you at some point in your life have had a job too. Now at that job, did you ever share details of your personal life with your coworkers at all? I mean when you’re standing there making donuts or fusing atoms or planning the case for the defendant, did you ever share the fact that you were dating somebody or wished you could date somebody or even talk about who you might be married to? Yeah, me too. Now imagine how weird it would be if you were told, “Hey dude, we realize you may or may not have wife but if you do, or even if you don’t, you can’t talk about her here at work. We don’t even want to know if you would like to one day have a wife.” Wouldn’t that be frickin’ weird?
Now even if that was somehow the case, at least you would know that at the end of the day, you could go home and call a friend and talk about this girl or boy you thought was so hot and how much you’d love to go out with him or her and you could somehow start to feel like a human again. Sharing those parts of who were are makes us feel like we’re part of the community, part of the human race. When we’re able to ask our coworker about her husband or her kids, it helps us to realize that this is a real person here; that’s she’s worth more than her labor. But imagine a workplace where that simply wasn’t allowed. Now imagine that you never really got to go home. What if you were more or less always at work… and you could never talk about your personal life. Or if you did, you had to lie and make up a fake one.
I’ve just described what life for our gay, lesbian and bi servicemembers have to live with ever day while they are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. That is unless they do like I did and break the rules. And that’s just stupid.
Call your Senators tomorrow and ask them, “Hey, have you ever mentioned your spouse to another member of congress? Has another member of congress ever talked to you about their spouse? How did it feel? Does being able to recognize that the people you work with are real humans with real human feelings by knowing something about your coworkers make your workplace more pleasant at all? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU DENY THE PEOPLE THAT ARE RISKING THEIR LIFE FOR YOU TODAY IF YOU DO NOT FIGHT TO OVERTURN DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL NEXT WEEK!” And I might add, “If you do not do the right thing by these heroes, I don’t care if you’re a donkey or an elephant, I will actively work AGAINST your campaign for re-election.”
Now is the time. This asinine un-American policy must go NOW.

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