And There Was Great Rejoicing in All the Land

Adam usually stays up all night on Sunday nights studying for his test on Monday.  That means I don’t get a great night’s sleep either.  I generally spend most of the night tossing, turning and, after brief naps, waking up with a start to stare at his empty pillow.  This is kind of weird since I sleep like a baby when I’m on the road.  And I’m sleeping alone then.  I guess something inside of me knows that I’m not at home so Adam’s not supposed to be in bed with me.  Mimi (the mother-in-love) says that she’s the same way about Mike (the father-in-love… I call ’em father and mother in “love” ’cause the “law” is retarded and doesn’t recognize our marriage)  when he’s out at the duck club as opposed to when he’s home and just up reading or something.

So last night I did my regular Monday night routine of fitful “sleep.”  During one of my naps though I had a wonder dream.  Actually, I would call it more of a vision.  A prophecy even, if you will.  I dreamed that Dennis came home.  We were all so happy to see him!  We held him and petted him and danced and sang together.  What a nice dream it was.  But alas, when I awoke, Dennis had not come home.  It was only a dream.  Still, just the emotional residue from the dream put a little fuel on the dwindling fire of hope that our little guy actually would come home some day.

When I was leaving for the dog park this afternoon, I thought to myself, “Oh, I was going to tell Adam about my dream.  He’s been so blue since Den Den went missing.”  I almost went back inside to tell him about the dream.  “I’ll tell him when I get back,” I said under my breath and headed toward the park.

The dogs had fun at the park as usual, stealing other dogs’ balls.  When we got home they jumped out of the back of the truck and ran down to the faucet to be hosed off.  (They know the drill.) While I was hosing Syd down, Adam came to the top of the stairs.  “Look who’s home!”  I looked up and he was holding Dennis in his arms!  “He just rolled up like nothing was wrong.” he said.  He’s a little skinnier and smells like adventure but other than that he seems fine.  He’s been meowing and meowing since he got back as if he’s trying to tell us the story.  I just smile and meow back and let him believe I understand.  Who cares?  The point is he’s home and our family is complete again.  As I type this, he’s rubbing up against my leg while the dogs go from licking him to licking me.  Everybody’s happy.

And there was great rejoicing in all the land!

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