I’m Back

‘preciate the couple days off.  And also thanks for all the messages and emails asking where the hell my blog was.  I feel so needed.  It’s nice to know you care.

Edison students (and I) had Thursday, Friday and tomorrow off so it’s turned into a nice five day weekend.  Boy did I need it!  Adam also finished a block at med school so he hasn’t had to study this weekend like he usually does.  Since they have tests on Monday and classes Monday through Friday, we never have anything that looks anything at all like a weekend.  I’ve loved spending time with him.  My job at Edison is actually only part time but since my hours come in the middle of the day and because I’m also very busy with my IVAW board position, trying to get funding for the Mehadi Foundation so we can get back to fulfilling our mission in bigger ways and because getting ready for New York (even though it is still six months away) is a complete full-time job in itself, I never feel like I have a moment for myself.  But this is the life I chose and I can’t imagine letting any of it go. I can’t really complain.

The little bit of money we have coming in the Mehadi Foundation these days has been going to getting me to places where veterans are where I can pass on my experience with peer support and taking the occasional vet to coffee or dinner.  I have dreams of building it into something much bigger and I’m confident that the New York run is going to get some much needed funding and attention headed our way.  I’m disgusted by the news and statistics of us Iraq and Afghanistan killing ourselves either quickly by suicide or the slow suicide of addiction that I know all too well.  I know that sharing creativity as a healing practice, getting vets involved in speaking out no matter what their opinions and politics are and establishing vet-to-vet co-counseling relationships are good additions to the other forms of help that are out there.  Losing one more veteran to self-destruction is not acceptable.

I’m so grateful for the history of “The Eyes of Babylon” and all the manifestations of the play we’ve done here in the US and abroad.  I’m also very grateful for the movie.  I had no idea Showtime would continue to air it for so long.  Apparently it’s airing again.  I had twelve friend requests today on Facebook, mostly from veterans and people who care about them.  Now it’s time for off-Broadway.  That’s a world unto itself and I’m terrified and delighted to have this dream come true.

Jennilyn Merten, the producer of “Sons of Perdition” has been on board as producer for a couple of months now for the New York run. I am absolutely blown away by this woman’s work ethic and how much she has already done for me and for the play.  I truly believe God sent her just in time.  The New York run of the play is a whole new ball game and the potential for how much it can spread the message of the play, garner attention for the Foundation and help me get better established as an artist is without limit.  It’s going to be a lot of hard work but we’re ready!  We have an intern named Zac Park here in Salt Lake who’s working his ass off to help make us a success there.  I’ve told you about Zac before.  Again, a Godsend.  My director Yuval Hadadi lives in New York and he’s put just about as much blood, sweat and tears into “The Eyes of Babylon” as I have.  He’s working like we’re going to open next week.  I’m so touched by his love and support of my work.  This new production of the play that gave me wings is going to be the best incarnation of it so far.  We have a wickedly talented composer who’s doing a whole new score and the lighting package is shaping up to be something magical.  I’m so excited to get on that stage at 59E59.  I’ve dreamed of having the play there since the beginning.

See what happens when I don’t blog for a couple of days?  Way too much to tell.

I turned forty-five on the fifteenth of October.  I never thought forty-five would feel so young.  In some ways.  In others I feel like an old man. I sure am tired a lot.  I thought I’d take the first half-day of my break to clean this nasty house.  All I got done was the kitchen.  Yesterday and today have been a continuation of that process.  Adam helped me take all the Oriental rugs to the car wash yesterday and they look like new (and some of them are very far from new).  Tomorrow I will steam clean the carpets and get all the furniture put back where it belongs.  It’s not near Marine Corps inspection ready.  That’s how I want it to be.  When the house is clean, I can get a helluva lot more done with writing and my other projects.  I don’t understand why, that’s just the way it is.  Everything you can see will be pretty clean by the end of tomorrow.  I’ll just have to do one closet or chest per weekend until it’s up to par.

The picture above is the man of my dreams at the arcade before the movie tonight (we say “Red.”  Good flic.)  We went to all-you-can-eat sushi before that.  (I had all the vegetarian choices on the menu.)  What a great night.  I guess working all the time really makes you enjoy having a night together on the town.  I can’t remember the last time we did it.

I appreciate your reading the blog and thanks to all of you who are recommending it to your friends.  This is a crazy, hectic, wonderful, sometimes tragic, always interesting journey I’m on.  I’m glad y’all are taking it with me.






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