One Way to Live Forever

I got a nice surprise on my front doorstep today.  Y’all know I’ve had a tough time on and off lately but what the mail carrier left at my door really made me smile.  Several months ago I was contacted by an artist in New York about a book project he was working on.  It wasn’t just any book project and when he began to tell me about it, I became very interested.  In a nutshell, the book is a compilation of the writings and visual art of several artists.  The artist who would compile and edit the book, Aaron Sinift was inviting me to offer a poem to be part of the book.  What an honor!  The limited edition books are made from khadi, a cotton fabric made in Gandhian Ashram Collectives.  Khadi was the backbone of Ghandi’s ideas for self-sufficiency for the ultra-poor and for India in general.  Khadi is used to make Jhola bags.  The picture above is me with the Jhola that Aaron sent me (filled with the green tomatoes my mother-in-love gave me, jholas are meat to hold local goods) and a paperback copy of the book.  The paperbacks (there are only 1000, signed and numbered) are also printed in a sustainable way in India and help support the communities that printed them.  The other artists and I donated the art and writing that are in the book.  I won’t go on and on about the details.  You can check out the sight if you want to know more or if you want to order a copy for yourself.  (link below)  This is really a wonderful idea.  I’d like to explore the idea of doing something along these lines for the Mehadi Foundation.  I have some great ideas that involve Combat Paper and my own blood.

I nearly fell out of my chair about 1:45 today.  I was swept over by a feeling of overwhelming tired like I’ve rarely known.  I know your not supposed to feel that way after five days off.  Adam Kokesh just called me and asked me to be on his radio show tonight.  I had to beg off until tomorrow night.  I really don’t think I could stay awake another hour and a half before we were to air. Getting home to find the box of books at my door gave me the lift I needed.  I don’t know why I’m so tired lately.

When I opened that box today and saw those ten copies of the book, “5 Year Plan: Literary Companion,”  I was deeply grateful for my life.  You know how you have those moments?  I realized that someone, long after I’m dead will pick up a copy of this book and perhaps read my poem that’s included there, “Passion’s Hearts” and we will be connected.  Our hearts will be connected.  In that way, I will be able to live beyond my physical death.

That makes me happy.

Click here to go to the Five Year Plan website

Click here to watch a video about the book which includes my poem, “Passion’s Hearts”

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