First Snow, Last Smoke, Early Reveille

Tonight’s blog will be mercifully short because it’s late and I’m getting up at 04:30 to do my morning writing, some yoga and meditate before the 07:00 Crossfit.  We had snow on the roof for the first time this year when I woke up this morning.  Unfortunately it was raining by the time I got up so it was really wet and gross.  Usually the first snow of the year around here is fluffy and blustery and the wind is dry.  I usually dance around like a little gay boy on Tonys night when we get our first snow.   This wet slushy start to the Winter gave me a feeling of impending doom… well that and the two cups of oil-thick coffee and two cigarettes I smoked.  I was literally shaking like a Parkinson’s Disease patient when I came in from the balcony.  But no more of that.  I promise.  That was the end of the pack and the next time some horrible thing happens (as it did Friday night with my friend’s relapse), I’m going to just shake it out and call somebody instead of going to by cigarettes.  I feel about a thousand percent better when I’m going to Crossfit regularly, eating good, drinking lots of water, and doing my morning yoga/meditation thing.  The animals love the yoga too.  Every time I get the mat out of the closet, the three of them come running.  You won’t believe this but on several occasions when I’m doing “downward facing dog,” the dogs actually join in and do it too.  Isn’t that crazy?

Okay, lights out.  It’s 22:20 and Reveille comes early around the Key/Nelson barracks.

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