And You Think This is Scary!

I’ve been hearing this shit from Republicans that they are “coming to take their government back”  and from the look of the polls, that’s pretty much what’s gong to happen.  That won’t keep me from voting.  But I’m just sayin’.

Coming to take their government back, eh?  Do you remember how much shit we got into after years of Republican control?  I do.  And they threw Obama in front of this HUGE boulder rolling down hill and everybody seems to hate him because he couldn’t get it stopped in two years.  Shit, I think he ought to be congratulating for slowing it down a little bit.  Tonight I watched a stadium full of people cheer like hell for Bush Sr. and Jr. at a World Series game in Texas.  As sure as I’m typing these words to you right now, I assure you that future generations, here and abroad will look at that footage with the same confusion and horror that we look at the footage of stadiums full of people cheering for Hitler. And no, before you go there, I’m not comparing Bush to Hitler.  Hitler lost.  Bush won.  And we let it happen.

Part of me looks forward to having the Reich Wingers back in control.  I think that’s what it’s going to take to wake this country up.  Those ignorant flag waving hicks that think that somehow the wealthy elite actually have their best interest at heart.  Perhaps we have to completely hit bottom before admitting we have a problem.  That seems to be the way it works.  Seems a pity though, that a nation so richly blessed as ours could fuck it up so badly.

Greed is a disease.

Ignorance is a sin.

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