Vote Anyway

It seems to me that there are no political solutions to the problems that face this nation.  Only spiritual ones.  (Go ahead, roll your eyes.)  And please, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying to mean that you should in any wise disengage from the political process.  Get your ass out there and vote tomorrow as if your life depended on it. It does.  But “we the people” have to stop passing the buck, even to the government we elected.  In truth, they only have the power we give them.  The true solution lies in making the changes that need to occur within each of us and taking responsibility for past wrong.  Stop blaming the government, no matter what your political persuasion!  I’ll bet you a nut that 99% of these people who so vehemently hate Nancy Pelosi, if pressed to do so couldn’t tell you one piece of legislation she’s sponsored or championed.  Her main offense as I see it is being a woman.  I don’t care what you say, this country by-and-large still hates to see a woman exercise any real power.  That was my theory all along during the last presidential campaign’s democratic primary.  I said very early on it would be Obama over Clinton.  Why?  Because it’s still more acceptable to be sexist in this country than it is to be racist.  Don’t believe me?  Two heterosexual couples driving down the road in separate cars.  One couple is black, the other white.  In both cars, who’s driving– the man or the woman?  Exactly.

Americans refuse to accept responsibility for our own past recklessness.  And we’re offended when people suggest that we should “pay the piper.”  No one wants to hear any real solutions to our foreign policy problems in the Middle East because the real solutions involve our paying for the damage we’ve caused.  And let me tell you brother, that’s a helluva bar tab.  It’s like the alcoholic who gets sober.  Everybody’s happy for you but you still gotta make amends for the shit you did while you were drinking.

So tomorrow I’ll do what I always do; I’ll go to the polls and try to keep the worst of the bad guys (and gals) out of there, knowing that there are no candidates that actually represent my desire for civil equality.  It’s a hard thing, let me tell you, to over and over be asked to pull the lever for candidates who believe that Adam and I should be content with some kind of “separate but equal” citizenship.  Especially since I was willing to give my life for this fucking country.  I hate the system as it is.  I even wish that the Tea Baggers could actually vote for some anti-choice, anti-gay, teach-Christianity-in-schools candidates so the Republican party could go back to being the party that stands for what they say they stand for– without being afraid they were thereby putting a communist in office.  Then we might actually be faced with some real choices.  I am a fiscal conservative in the purest sense of the word because I know what it’s like to be poor.  If you think that buying another machine gun while your kids are sick and hungry is fiscally sound, then you need to go down to the nearest de-crack-ization center and check yo motherfuckin’ ass in!

So here are your choices, ladies and gentlemen.  Delight in them:

The “right” wants to set up unrestricted cash machines for the ultra-wealthy as they enslave the ignorant masses that vote them into office.  The “left” wants to give more money and power to a government that obviously can’t act responsibly with the money and power we’ve already give them.

Good luck.

Vote anyway.

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