RIP Prop 19

Okay, this has got to be short and sweet.  Zac is here and we’re pilled up with candles lit and afghans thrown over our legs doing spiritual magic toward the New York run. He’s writing grant proposals and I’m researching music for the new video to open the play.  Some of it’s fun. Some of it’s a pain in the ass.  All I really want to do is smoke weed, eat shitty foods and watch stupid television.  But I don’t do any of those three things so I guess I’ll get back to chasing my dreams and trying, in my own small way to make this a better world.

Zac was reading over my shoulder so we’ve started talking about the Marijuana proposition that didn’t pass in California.  Zac and I disagree.  He’s glad it didn’t pass because he’s seen too much of the bad shit that pot can do.  I’m sad that it didn’t pass (even though y’all know I don’t drink or drug and haven’t in years) because I think it’s ridiculous to pay $20,000 per year to keep someone locked up in a “correctional” facility (aka crime school) because he got caught with a bag of weed and somebody thought he might have the “intent to distribute” it.  Give me a fucking break.  And how many of our fine law enforcement officers have lost their lives in this ridiculous “drug war?”  We’re empowering the drug cartels in the same way that prohibition empowered the Mob.

What do y’all think?


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