Jeffrey Goes to the VA, Part 7

Jason recommended that we start out coming to Crossfit about three times a week and work up from there.  Most of the workouts in the first few weeks we went there, he or Ed Tyner (pictured) was our coach.  Please hear me when I saw that what I’m about to tell you is not the fault of either one of these fine men or anyone at Crossfit.  It’s not even a reflection on Crossfit as a workout regime or a way of life.  I hurt myself.  Even with Jason and Ed standing there encouraging me to take it easy at first, I let my balls get in the way of my head.  I have something wrong with my right rotator cuff.  I’ve had it for a long time and I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  I also have pain in my sacral spine.  It gets pretty bad at times.  I’m convinced that part of that has to do with the injury that got me sent home from Iraq.  One of the major causes of lower back pain is a weakened abdominal system and since a “chain is only strong as its weakest link” and since my radial hernia is the weakest link in the “chain” of my abdomen, my abs are not nearly as strong as they once were.  Even though I had the surgery that they flew me home from Iraq to get, I don’t reckon they’ll ever be 100%.  I think the best thing I can do is make sure the muscle system is as strong as it can be, working up to heaver and harder exercises over time.  I think the same is probably true for my shoulder.  I worked out “wrong” for years, simply pumping up one muscle group or the other trying to look big.  I think not only is this not the smartest way to workout, I also think it’s not smart.  For example, going in a pumping your biceps like so many guys (and some gals) do just to have “big guns,” unless you’re making certain that the triceps are getting equal attention, knocks the system out of balance.  I believe this causes undue stress on the joints and tendons thereby causing pain and mobility problems.  Adam’s the medical student, not me.  But this a theory I’ve come up with based on years being around the gym.  Crossfit workouts are more often based on athletic movements that strengthen and build a muscle system as it is designed to work.  The mobility exercises that are an equally important part of the whole deal but remember I said I wasn’t doing that in the beginning.  Essentially I was going in there like gangbusters and not listening to the coaches who obviously know more than I do about this kind of workout.  The result was that I woke up one morning with so much sacral pain I felt like I couldn’t walk.  I took out the Icy Hot and the heating pad but that actually made is feel worse and the more I laid in the bed the worse it got.


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