A Woman Is Worth Her Appearance


While trying to find out if there’s a Spanish term for “goth kids,” I stumbled across this photo of the Obamas with former Spanish Prime Minister José Rodríguez Zapatero and his family. The article in which I discovered the picture was about the fact that the Zapatero daughters are indeed “goth kids” which I found mildly interesting at best. BUT what I did find interesting (and more than a little disappointing) is that when I read the comments below the article (which I should know never to do), all the comments seemed to be about whether Michelle Obama is “hot” or not. This woman is a brilliant, accomplished, Harvard educated attorney who daily takes an active role in some of the most important decisions being made in this country and in the world. My question is this: When do get to stop reducing women to their appearance, no matter what their real accomplishments might be? Isn’t it way past time?

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