Untitled Poem 5 October 2013


I will not disappear into the night.

I will not go quietly.

I will not shove my beautiful light under a bushel for your convenience.

The loving God who created me

Delights in its shining,

Champions my reemergence.

I am sorry if you feel inconvenienced by it

But I am going to speak my mind.

I have experienced much,

Survived much persecution,

Often at your own hand,

And I have learned from that experience.

My thinking is good.

My mind has endured this tribulation and come out stronger.

My willingness to share the wisdom I have garnered

Is actually a demonstration of that wisdom

And of my willingness to love you

Even as you have continued to try to paint me into invisibility

With your ignorance,

With your insufferable stubbornness,

With your greed,

With your fear,

With your theocracy,

With your addiction to power,

And with your blind cruelty.

I will,

For your benefit and mine,

And for the glory of my Creator,

And for the world that will glow a little brighter,

Let my sparkling light shine

In spite

Of all

You’ve done

To prevent it.

And from now

Until the time I die,

Use bushels

For bonfires.

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