Birthday Gratitude List


This is the third blog post I’ve started for today. I aborted the other two when they started going in a direction I did not want them to go. I really do think there is a value to “confession” and “unburdening” with it comes to uncover, discover, discard and at the same time I know that “what you feed, grows.” So tonight, now having scrolled through hundreds of well wishes on my Facebook page from some of the nicest people in the world, I want to focus on gratitude.

So in celebration of my 49th birthday, here are 49 things for which I am grateful:

  1. my sobriety
  2. my sober friends
  3. my relationship with my Creator
  4. my career
  5. my family
  6. the rest of my friends
  7. a safe place to sleep
  8. food to eat
  9. CrossFit
  10. hope for the future
  11. lessons of the past
  12. the kindness of strangers
  13. my pets
  14. my motorcycle
  15. my truck
  16. that I’m gay
  17. that things seem to be changing in a good way for my people
  18. for good literature
  19. for my love of writing
  20. my ancestors
  21. America
  22. dissenting patriots
  23. The New York Yankees
  24. Myra Bullington
  25. This laptop
  26. technology
  27. my good health
  28. Halloween
  29. my friends who have died
  30. veterans
  31. my indomitable, stubborn will
  32. protein shakes
  33. floor fans
  34. good memories
  35. that I don’t smoke
  36. Lone Star Sun Dance
  37. the art and furniture I own
  38. my blog
  39. sex
  40. my education
  41. The Marine Corps
  42. people who help other people
  43. Research Scientists
  44. Some doctors
  45. hope for the future
  46. Sydney, Willie and Dennis
  47. money
  48. hot guys
  49. and you, for reading this and supporting the process

Happy Birthday to me.

See y’all tomorrow.

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