Country Boys Can Be Very Good Sports

Photo on 12-4-14 at 6.50 AM

A half an hour left in the day and I’m just getting in. I watched the SEC Championship game in Birmingham with a couple of friends. There was chile involved. It was hot and left a nice taste in the mouth. There was a fair amount of full-body contact during the game and the halftime show was spectacular. Before I even got to Birmingham, I went for a very pleasant walk in the woods with a nice country boy who had a muddy 4X4 truck, a four-wheeler in the back of that truck, and at least three articles of clothing in the familiar and popular Mossy Oak pattern. Country boys can be so hospitable and this one was an especially good sport. On the way home a new friend sent me a message and asked if I’d like to meet him for a short film. That was a great little “party after the party.” I did get stopped by a cop on the way home for having a headlamp out. I put down all five of the windows on my Tundra out of courtesy. My windows are tinted and it was sort of a sketchy part of town. I had both of my hands on the steering wheel so he could see them as he walked up to the truck. He greeted me with, “Good Evening, Sir” and I answered with, “How you doin’, Brother?” I worked it into the first couple of sentences that I’m an Iraq veteran. If you are an Iraq veteran, it can be very advantages to work that into the first couple of sentences if you are talking to a cop, especially if you are in the God-fearing, troop-supporting, died-in-the-cotton conservative South. He let me go without a ticket, a “fix-it” ticket, or even a warning. Just a “have a good night Marine.” Oh! and a “welcome home.”

During the game I got some texts from someone who seems to have connected with some possible donors for the Mehadi Foundation. It’s not a done deal so I don’t want to say to much. I will be praying very mightily tonight that it comes through. Funding the foundation is the way that I can continue helping veterans and also to connect them with work in the entertainment industry. My vision is getting crystal clear around what that looks like. I always pray, “This or something greater in accordance with Your divine will.” That way you don’t screw yourself out of something better by praying up something less awesome than if you’d just let the fuck go a little and let God surprise you with something better. I have no doubt that that would have happened if I hadn’t forced my own will and taken Adam hostage. My read husband was probably right around the corner. But I do really believe that everything is unfolding in a perfect and harmonious way even when appearances are to the contrary. My marriage, if nothing else added some very important people to my life who will be there forever even though Adam is not and I never, ever have to strain to figure out some evil action for one of my villains to do in one of my scripts. I’ll just take something from Adam’s playbook. I’m just teasing. He’s a sweet boy if a little misdirected— okay, a lot misdirected but still we love him and pray for him. Just take my advice on this one, never ever date (or God forbid marry) someone who is newly sober or needs to get sober. You may think with all your heart that your situation is different but you will come crying and moaning to me if you don’t take my advice. “Oh Jeff, I’m so, so sorry. I should have listened to your sage advice.” And I don’t want you to blame me because I tried to tell you. You just wouldn’t listen to me.  The “you” I’m talking to here is me.  To remind me just not to ever do it again. I don’t know what your God is like and I hate it when people tell me what my God is like so I’m not going to do that to you. Unless your God tells you it’s okay to date a newcomer to sobriety; then your god is crazy.

I’ll look forward to speaking with you tomorrow. For now, I have the ceiling fan and the floor fan blowing, clean high-thread-count brushed Egyptian cotton sheets, a down comforter, and Temperpedic mattress and pillows. My body is tired from all that I described in the first paragraph. It still tastes a little salty. I love that kind of tired. I’m going to sleep very well tonight.

Roll Tide.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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