Please Pray With Me–“Whatsoever Ye Ask For Believing Ye Shall Receive”

Photo on 12-17-14 at 6.37 PM

I am so happy and grateful to weigh 260 lbs with 15% body fat. I make at least $110K every month and I live off 10% of my income sending the rest out to do good on the planet. I’m so proud to have written 25 plays, 25 movies, 10 TV shows, 5 books of poetry and 5 short story anthologies. I’m the man of my dreams and I’m married to the husband of my dreams. We have three beautiful sons. We live in a spacious and comfortable loft apartment in New York City and love our lives. I head a ridiculously successful nonprofit that provides invaluable services to post-911 vets. I head a successful production company that produces movies, plays, TV shows and live events that not only entertains but also transform. I lift three days a week and go to CrossFit three days a week. I have a healthy body that serves me well. I live a happy and serene life that is centered in service and making the lives of those I love happy and transforming the consciousness of Planet Earth in a good way by unleashing the powerful, warrior poet that lives inside me.

Also I am grateful for the fulfillment of the Divine Desires of my blog readers and prayer partners. Their lives are filled with joy, prosperity, and perfect health.

I release and let go of all unforgiveness I may have been harboring and for all those that have hurt me I pray for every good thing imaginable.

This things or something greater in accordance with The Will of Heaven. And so it is. Amen.

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