First Night Back in Brooklyn (after fun in Times Square)


My first night back in Brooklyn. I’m just getting in from Times Square. We went to see Birdman on 42nd Street tonight, “we” being Ron Harness and me. You remember Ron don’t you? He’s my friend from Sunbright, Tennessee who came to New York a year ago to be my roommate only to have me leave almost immediately for Alabama to help with Dad. I made him swear he wouldn’t leave, that he’d be my anchor in New York. He’s such an interesting guy and the story of our friendship is a remarkable one. One way or another it will find it’s way to the stage or screen. I’m still figuring our which way makes the most sense. I actually think it’s a documentary that ends with a short film that he would direct. Stay tuned.

I’m staying with my friends Marcus and Anna and their little girl Avani. They are some of the nicest people on the planet at present. So impressive. Marcus sits on the board of my foundation. He and I met protesting outside the Bush Ranch in Crawford in 20014. Marcus made a raft out of plastic Coke bottles and floated the length of the Mississippi River when he got back from the first Gulf War. He’s the author of My River Home. They’ll be headed out tomorrow so I’ll have this apartment until the end of the month to use as a base of operations for my apartment search.

I love being back in the city. I’d forgotten how busy one can stay all day here though. I’m going to have to move the blog writing to earlier in the day though so I’m not always just trying to slide something in before bed. This is supposed to be a chronicling of my saving my life over the course of this year but it’s starting to sound more like a diary— boring! I miss Whoopi and the gang too. I wish they’d show up again soon. They promised to help me with all this and then just fucking disappeared.

I’m going to church tomorrow morning. I’ve missed going to my church over the past year while I’ve been in Abalama. I’ll meet my friend Michela Angela Davis there. She’s the one who— well, y’all know who she is.

Listen here, I’m tired. I walked about five miles in the snow tonight and I’ve got to get up early to check in with my action partner in the morning. I promise the blogs will get more interesting again. Please don’t hate me. I need each and every one of you to love me and approve of me. Just kidding. I’m good either way. But I do like it when you like me. It’s just that my wellbeing is no longer hinged on people’s liking me like it once was. (Always use a possessive before a gerund.) Okay, bring on the sweet dreams. I’ve got a warm, comfortable place to sleep and for that I’m grateful. It’s snowing outside. I pray for those who don’t have a warm place to sleep tonight— and those who are going to bed hungry. I never want to take my blessings for granted again— even the most basic ones.

See y’all tomorrow.

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