You Better Take That Angry Inch to Bed Buster, You Gotta Be In the Bronx in the Morning


How many days has it been since–


How did you know what I was going to–


I know but how did you–

That’s right isn’t it? How many days since the “suicide blog?”

Well, yes but–

Okay, it’s 172

Do you mean to tell me that I have blogged daily for the last 1–

You sure have



Well that’s something at least

Yeah it’s something alright

I left my Mophie at the café at Bloomingdales today

Well that sucks

I know

You should be more careful with your shit faggot

Don’t call me–

Don’t tell me what I can and can’t say. I have rights too


I went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch tonight on Broadway

How you affording to go to–

My friend called and said they had a free extra ticket if I wanted it. It was only minutes before curtain. I hopped in a cap and zoomed down there

I thought you didn’t take ca==

I usually don’t. I usually ride the subway but there’s no way I could have gotten there anywhere near curtain if I–

So you hopped in a cab and– did you get there by opening curtain?

I didn’t. But I was only one song late.

Don’t tell me you were one of those people who comes in late to the–

I was. But Thespis forgives me because I’m Jeff Muthafuckin Key– and because my being late was not my fault. I slipped in between songs and I did it in a way that I was sort of part of the energy of the segue

Are you sure that’s the way you spell–

Shut up. I don’t care. I have to wrap this up and get to sleep. My eyes are burning. I burned it at both ends this week, let me tell you. And tomorrow morning I’ve got to get up and head out pretty early. I’m going to a meeting in the Bronx. And Sunday I’m taking the train back out to King and James’. I’m riding another two hours with them to go to a Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

Are you sure you should be–

Look. I– never mind. Just go lay down. I’m about to do the same and I don’t want to hear your bullshit rattling on and on while I’m trying to get to sleep. Go on now. I’ve got to tell my friends goodnight. (turns to audience)

See y’all tomorrow!

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