Frozen At the Foot of the Brooklyn Bridge


Okay, I’m standing outside the Brooklyn Bridge Subway station in Lower Manhattan with my laptop resting on a recycling bin to let me phone borrow some of the charge from said laptop because I left one of my Mophies plugged into the wall at the café at Bloomingdales last week so my phone now regularly runs out of gas before I get to a plug. The Chipotle where we ate dinner after touring The Museum of Sex didn’t have an outlet. Fuck that Chipotles. I ain’t going there again. Okay, maybe I will because the employees were pretty friendly but still, they should get some fucking electrical outlets for dumbasses like me who lose one of their Mophies. I have to have my phone to find my way to Luis’ house. I have a date with Luis. I had a date with Robert yesterday morning. These are the first two dates I’ve had since before I met my ex. I also have asked a beautiful guy named Andrew to coffee. I’m purposefully not getting all serious with any guy from the get-go which was the way I didn’t it with the other two long-term relationships I’ve had in my adult life and both of them ended disastrously. I’m determined to do it different this time. New York is full of beautiful, smart, kind, interesting, intelligent men who would be all-to-willing to share a date with me. I ain’t studyin’ jumpin’ the broom with nobody real quick.

Okay, there my phone goes bootin’ up. I can map my way to Luis’ now. We’re headed to a party but I already told him I’d have to take a few minutes to blog before we go. We are going to be out very late and I know I’m not going to want to do it when we get in. I’ll finish this up from his place in a few minutes– after my fingers thaw!

What the FUCK?! The battery died again. I walked a few feet one way and Siri would say, “Turn around and walk the other way.” I’d do it and he’d say, “Turn around and walk the other way.” Just before the battery on my iPhone died again, it looked like he was leading me across the Brooklyn Bridge!! Luis doesn’t live in Brooklyn! He lives in Manhattan! Come on iPhone, charge! I’m about to freeze to death out here! How the hell did we ever get around New York City before GPS? Is getting to spend the evening with a sexy, muscled up Puerto Rican stud really worth all this? You bet your ass it is. Tic toc Siri. I told him I’d be there fifteen minutes ago! Great form being late for a first date. Rrrrrr. Grrrrr. Brrrrrr!

You should see me now. Seated on a park bench at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in sub-freezing cold in the dark with my laptop open and resting on my thinghs. I bet the people passing by think I’m crazy. Oh wait, this is New York. I bet the people passing by don’t even notice. What the hell’s going on with this battery? Finally! There it is. I’m going to call him now and ‘splain myself.

See y’all tomorrow.

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