What Are You Like, God?


Someone asked me yesterday what my “higher power” was like. I went straight to the source.

I don’t know, what are you like, God?

“Well, I can tell you I love you. I love you and I am Love. I am beyond your ability to understand me but that will not always be the case. One day, you will step out of the illusion you currently call reality and you will see me in all my glory. Then, and only then will you gain the ability to comprehend what’s been going on. I think the way you think but my ability to do that exceeds yours. You think the way you think because I do. You are my child. You are part of me. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot accomplish if you will only learn to create as I do– that is with matchless love, unconditional forgiveness, and doubtless confidence. I am without limits and without flaw. I had no beginning and I will have no end. Your life is a process of my revealing myself to you. All of life is a process of my revealing myself to me. You never have to ask my forgiveness. Only acknowledge the forgiveness that is already given as a reminder to yourself. You owe me no debt. I do not punish. Suffering is a gift. It bumps you back toward the path. You are my special envoy on Earth in that none of my other children bring the unique gifts you do in the unique combination in which you bring them. I could say the same to any of my children. Not only did I create everything but I am creation, all of it. There is nothing that can exist outside of me because all of it is my mind. My power is without limitation. That means if you want to know what my will is, look at what is. If something was outside my will it could not exist. If it could, I would not be all-powerful. Therefore, that which you behold as evil is part of the enfoldment. Deny evil and embrace Love. What you feed grows. I say yes to every prayer. You just have to learn how to pray. Every thought’s a prayer. Thoughts have layers. While the conscious mind is praying, so too is the unconscious mind. Words give thoughts more power. Remove all doubt and know that I am God. Through me, nothing is impossible.”

See y’all tomorrow.

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