6 Piercings. Face the Sky


This is the beginning

of the bottom

of the top

of the other side

next door

to the principle thing

for which we were forgotten

one day

a long time ago

in March

and it was a harsh one

it was that year

when the feathers fell

and there was the all-time revealing

and the leather-maids

made milk salad

out of nowhere

and revealed their plan

to kill

the keel-o-whillerz

and to meet

at poppenplace

on the second Tuesday

of every month

where the Cruels

sat laughing

on the hillside

before the boom happened

and the fairy flew by

and we missed the opportunity

to hear

what he had to say

becasue we were all

so goddamned

hell-bent on


the scene

make it flow

make a toast

make twenty-seven

sisters draw

their pocket knives

and while away the souls

and take Tabitha

to the tabernacle and

make slow stitches

on six graves

before the fire comes

and Kyle Neverweller (the cantor)

came before the

eve of day

when the dwarves came back to me

and placed upon my head

the crown of thorny reason

and recanted

before the evening glow

and agreed

to sit and feel

proper and clean

and well established

and well-liked like

Willy Lowenstien had proclaimed

or was it the man

called Second Station Stacey

who sat

with his ears off

and stopped listening

before the practical princess

was off to

cut her fucking wrists

in the presence

of the chaplain

(or what-have-you)

or that goddamn wasp

that sat on the glass

and there’s a magnolia tree

in the front yard

of the back nine

and don’t let the world

get away with always

telling you

the place for you

is behind some other idea

of what you might

have thought you

might wanna be

and if that standard

was high enough

and deep enough to

keep getting those

motherfuckers to the stage

long enough

and over and over enough

then it should be

good enough for you too

and every-body

seems to be

in some kind of distress

or other

and if


got long hair

then shut the fuck up

and if you’ve got short hair

then shut the fuck up

and if you got no hair

then shut the fuck up

except on the second Tuesday

of every month

and if you don’t think

there’s a difference between

fallow and shallow

then you’ve just

never played principle backup

to the cedar maker

on the whelladompter

because in seven more days

just seven more days

the fiery clouds

are rolling in

and it won’t matter

if you’ve gone to

California or

New York

or anywhere in between



bee cause

support the bee cause

save the bees

and the emms

and the cues

and the egrets

and don’t have

regrets about the

way you treated

the egrets

they were always

shitting on you


and flowers will grow and blossom

on the day after you die

life will go on

and either a small

small fraction of

the world’s population

will notice

or no one will

or no one will

how many people have died and no one noticed?

how sad

how sad

every life is precious

especially the unknowns

do you want to go

to Cracker Barrel

for breakfast?

hell no

hell no

do you want to let blood

as a morning ritual?

hell no

hell no

6 piercings

face the sky

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