O Hrotsvitha, Come and Anoint Thou Me

2014-10-05 22.04.30

One Peace Power Pledge

offered to the effervescent ones

to call on the wild

to wield their mighty power

of servitude

and sanctions and sanctimonious happenstances

all hail

the giver of growth

said Smeethermoff

and reading the beatitudes everyday

will get you smothered

don’t take down Hrotsvitha’s quill

unless you intend to kill someone with it

and when I say kill

I of course mean let live

by helping them to kill off

that part of themselves

that is killing them

what’s more, seven champions

came out of no-readersville

and asked

what would a person say

if they were never to love their own

and seven candy caterpillars

made their way down seven candy roads

stopped the fairy child

on his way to ball practice

and each had a message

and each had a magic stone

and every time the lights went down, sure enough

colored ones came up again

he sits

and stares

out the window

needing a shower

horny from the bullball

weak yet strong

strong yet weak


in a way

that even he doesn’t understand

and call my casern

before you kill the coward

and in hanging him

ye shall end yourself too

when you hoist his carcass high

to watch the birds pick away his flesh

because when you have done that

when you have killed him

you will be so overwhelmed

with sadness and regret

that nothing can stop you

and when they raise your body too

to also be picked by the birds

and you stand there below your dangling feet

and see what a mess you’ve made

then maybe you’ll walk along the beach

and see the bodies there

and the destruction

you created

and this time

and this time

choose not to destroy

in an attempt to repair

O Hrotsvitha, come and anoint thou me

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