What’s My Purpose? Day 4


So for the past three days, I’ve been using the Venn diagram above to further explore what my “purpose” is here. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember in September I went through a big goal setting workshop and some of that included some of the ways I’d like to do in my professional life.
I wonder if there’s a reason I chose to do “I’m great at it” as the last circle. But to risk immodesty, here are some things I think I’m great at:

  • helping people sort out their problems
  • helping people look at things in a new way
  • helping people see the world through artistic metaphor
  • self-divulging
  • putting on a show
  • acting
  • helping veterans live in a better relationship to their experience
  • consuming art
  • sex
  • singing
  • dancing
  • being a channel for metaphysical healing
  • understanding people who suffer because of invisible barriers
  • interacting with kids
  • taking care of sick people
  • building bridges between people with divergent points of view, even if I’m one of them
  • keeping house and cooking
  • loving people
  • listening
  • talking
  • talking in front of groups of people large and small
  • getting interviewed
  • interviewing people
  • playing (Gracie gave me that one)
  • planning events like parties or shows
  • thinking outside the box
  • cursing the box
  • destroying the box
  • tearing down weak, ignorant, and hate-fueled arguments and/or positions
  • finding metaphors
  • interpreting dreams
  • counseling people
  • self-medicating in not-so-healthy ways
  • taking part in the recovery community
  • doing things outside
  • CrossFit
  • lifting weights/working out
  • canoeing
  • motivating people to succeed

Tomorrow we drive back up to America Junction. I plan to print out the four pages and plot them on the Venn. If I was more computer graphics savvy, I could show that to y’all. We’ll see if I can figure it out. If not, I’ll just type the results. Should be interesting.

I’m gonna rack out now. It’s late at CrossFit put my dick in the dirt today. I’m going to do the 09:30 WOD in the morning. Wherever you are and however you’re feeling right now, I want you to know that I’m pulling for you too– those of you who are going through this process with me, and those of you who are praying for me and supporting me to. I’ve experienced a lot of change in a short time. Let’s keep going.

See y’all tomorrow.

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