Leave the Path For Your Own Sake


There’s an adage I’ve heard. It goes something like, “If you want what they have, do what they do.” I believe there is great truth in it. I would even go so far as to coin a correlative: “If you don’t want what they have, don’t do what they do.”

As much as I have benefited in my life from looking at those whom I admire, and observed and emulated the way they live their lives, I would dare say that I have benefited equally from seeing people who have nothing I want and staying far away from anything that looks like how they live their lives. I have met people who took the “safe” route. I’ve listened, at length sometimes (they seem, especially after a couple of drinks, to unburden about how they really feel about their lives) to those who have lived a “responsible” life– those who have done what society told them they were supposed to do. I wouldn’t give you a dime for what they have.

I love this journey I’ve been on of late; this process of uncover, discover, discard– and of finding fresh and exiting new pathways. It is hard in ways that some will never understand because they dare not ever dive deep enough into consideration of their greater purpose and meaning in life. But there are those among us who do travel the road less traveled by, those who not only dance to different music but make the music. I am proud to call these people my Tribe.

Sure, you’re going to get some flat tires if you leave the beaten path– but the beaten path is boring and when I spend too much time there, that’s exactly how I end up feeling: beaten. Give me the briars and the bushes. Scrapes and bruises are a small price to pay for the magic I find there in the dark and beautiful mystery.

See y’all tomorrow.

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