Never Punch a Refrigerator


It hurts to type.

This will be short.

I broke my right hand.

Some letters are more painful than others.

Letters that need the ring finger and pinky on right hand.

O,P, and L are not my friends tonight.


Return sucks too.

Take a little break.

Yeah, this is making it much, much worse.

Pain shoots up my arm and into my shoulder.

That’ll teach me.

I punched the refrigerator.

I have to do something about my anger.

Mom had fallen in the floor and I was scared and angry–

Of course.

I should make myself retype War and Peace

For punishment.

I need to be talking to other vets more.

That helps.

PTSD sucks.

This physical pain is almost unbearable

But it’s nothing compared to the fact that it’s my ability to write that is being blocked.

When there’s nothing else, there’s always my writing.

Good job, Key.

See y’all tomorrow.


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