Willing To Do the Work


I’m taking a short break from the writing I’m working on to check in with you here. My hand still hurts but I’m able to type easier than I was last night. Thanks for the suggestion on the talk-to-text Al, I think I’ll continue to improve but if not, I’ll sure check that out. I tried to find a VA close to me (we are still in Auburn) today but I wasn’t going to drive 45 minutes for an x-ray. Cousin Jen (a doc) strongly suggests I get a picture taken of it to make sure it’s not broken and out of alignment. She said they’d have to re-break if it was growing back out-of-whack (that’s a sophisticated medical term–mine, not hers) I have pretty good mobility and I think I’d have full mobility if it weren’t for the swelling. (If any of you missed it, I punched the refrigerator night before last after mother fell in the kitchen. I was scared and pissed.)

The writing I’m working on is for my writing partner in a support group I’m part of that’s helping me to get squared away around that whole underearning thing. It’s very, very hard since I have to recall some unpleasant things from the past and admit some difficult-to-admit things about myself. But I’m willing to do the work. I’m willing to do the work to have a better life and mostly so that I can be of better service to others.

I need to get on back to that writing since I have about another hour’s worth to do tonight and I’m already wicked tired.

Kudos to those of you hanging in with what I imagine has been a pretty boring blog of late. I’m really going to have to go back to morning blogging and get more organized about it (and the whole process). I can see a pattern here. One that is probably indicative of my whole underearning career: staying very, very busy and not getting much of anywhere. My friend Leslie Jordan calls it “like a dog on linoleum.” I don’t have to explain it to you. You get it.

See y’all tomorrow.

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