A Prophet Is Sometimes Welcome


There’s something to all this y’know. And it operates in a way that don’t understand and actually don’t need to understand. And the more I relax into the process, let go and let what happens happen, meet the next right thing with serenity and open-mindedness, the better things go. Or maybe not “better” because that is imposing judgment and I think constantly making daiquiris out of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil makes for one helluva hangover. I’m rather learning to be with what is.

Tonight I spoke to a group that meets in Jasper, the county seat of the county in which I grew up. It’s a gathering of a lot of different kinds of people– different ages, races, backgrounds, education– but with some common experiences and more importantly a commonality around our commitment to live life based on spiritual principles. It’s not a religious group per se but rather an environment of mutual support where the focus is on spirituality and on being of service. I’ve not really understood why I haven’t been able to leave Alabama. I’ve tried a couple of times over the last six months and I somehow just get sucked back here. I mean I can see the (many and varied) circumstances that have me here (long after I’d planned to go)– but in a more metacontext, I’ve struggled to understand. Again, I don’t think it’s so important to understand but just to be willing to do my best to be of service while I am here and make the best use of the time.

But… tonight, being able to speak to that group of incredible, loving, good people I was able to maybe get a little glimpse into the larger reality and actually appreciate being here for now.

I can see how I can bring positive change where it is needed and be useful in ways peculiar to the talents God gave me



I can see where this, the land that made me, is giving something to me that will be useful when I do leave here.

For that I am grateful.

See y’all tomorrow.

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