Another Night, Another Hospital


I looked just real quick when I got back home (to Chad and them’s) just to make sure the blog posted and you know what, it didn’t. I had tried to do it from the emergency department at East Alabama Medical Center which is were we spent the evening because mother fell again tonight and fractured her pelvis. It’s called a “subtle fracture” and won’t require surgery which is a good thing since she’s already having surgery again on Tuesday and I don’t know how much more I can take, haha. Always about me, isn’t it?

My left foot looks like a water balloon and I seem to have developed a cough. Personally, I think it’s all stress related.

Chad and I had another pleading conversation with mom in the ED tonight about trying to take better care of herself. I have begged her not to stay up all night, to get at least a little exercise, to eat regularly, and to try to take some steps–any steps to deal with the depression which seems to be standing in the way of any of the other stuff. But she won’t listen. Last night she stayed up until 02:45 and so she was incredibly weak today when we were at Princeton Hospital (we like to go to as many hospitals in the course of any given day as possible) getting her blood work done for the upcoming colon surgery. What was I saying? I don’t remember. Oh. Mom. Yeah.

I’m delirious and I’m going to sleep.

I hate the blog didn’t post from the hospital. I was going to be all proud of myself and shit for posting my first blog via iPhone. Fail. Oh well. At least I thought to look and make sure when I got home (to Chad and them’s). I’ve made it this many days with the daily blog and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss one now.

See y’all tomorrow.

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