Adam Kokesh (not pictured) Is Coming To Town


On no. I just self-edited. I hate when I do that. I didn’t type what I was going to type to start this blog entry. It was to preserve someone’s feelings, which I guess is as good a reason as any. It’s a good reason I believe. It might be the only reason. Self-preservation, even a need to not look bad has not been a reason for me to self-edit. (Obviously.) I don’t have any secrets left. Y’all know them all. You have no idea how free that makes me feel. There’s nothing I’d take in exchange for my freedom. Some people who think they’re free are really not. I want to continue getting freer and freer. I’m happy I’m alive and grateful for my life. Exactly like it is. It’s all unfolding in a perfect and harmonious way despite appearances and despite the pain.  I KNOW these few days (weeks, months, years) are on time and on purpose as an answer “yes” to my prayers.

Two years ago I was in an Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony and prayed for Wonkon Tonka (God, The Universe) to remove every single thing that stood in the way of my usefulness and ability to be of service to my creator and my fellows. “I don’t care how bad it hurts,” were my exact words. It scared the shit out of my friend who was pouring that lodge. (Remember that, Lib?) I know she was just concerned for me and that is because she loves and cares for me as her brother and fellow Winkte (Two Spirit). Anybody who looks at my life since that ceremony knows what the answer to that prayer was. I don’t regret it.

I told Adam Kok–

Oh my God, a naked potato just walked through my living room.

I told Adam Kokesh I would organize and event for him in Birmingham on May 30. I felt like I needed something else on my plate. He swears that all we need is a Facebook page and a location– and he asked me to do it as his friend. And I am Adam’s friend. I love him very much and back in the early days of IVAW, we were in some wonderful (and sometimes frightening) actions together. I may not agree with all of Adam’s points of view but I believe everyone should have an opportunity say their piece.

A lot of people who love me hate Adam. I might lose a friend or two over this. If you want to come to Birmingham and say your piece, let me know and I’ll make you a Facebook event page and find a place to have it. Kokesh said even a bonfire in a backyard is fine. You’ll have to accept the same terms. It wouldn’t be the first fire he and I have started together– and that is neither literal nor is it sexual innuendo. It, like a lot of what I write, is metaphor. Just ask Jen Plumb.

I have friends I love who are Libertarians, Communists, Anarchists, Democrats and Republicans and I find myself thinking I’m 3 out of those 5 at different points in the course of every day. (Hint: I’m not a Democrat or a Republican.) In the end, what I really believe is that there are no political solutions to spiritual problems.

By the way, Max Thieriot shirtless? Oh my God. I’d do durdy things to that boy. Yes, I’m watching Bates Motel while I blog tonight. Mom is down in Auburn for a couple of days and I was missing her.

See y’all tomorrow.

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