Libertarians Against Blake


I took The Portable Blake to the physical rehab place tonight to read to Mom. She was open to whichever passage I chose so I went with The Marriage of Heaven and Hell– predictable maybe but always a crowd pleaser. Well, not always– depends on the crowd I reckon. William Blake has regularly made “banned books” lists since shortly after the copper plates were melted down for their mineral worth. Can you believe that? Blake, like many brilliant visionary artists throughout history, wasn’t sitting on a lot of cash– he was more obsessed with creating art than selling it. If you’re not familiar, Blake, in addition to being a poet was a bookmaker and did relief etchings (although he would never have called them that) on copper plates, writing and drawing backwards before committing them to– what? was it paper? I’ll have to admit I’m not sure. I do know what Blake did call them. He called them “stereotypes.” Isn’t that interesting.

Those plates would be worth many millions if they were around now.

I was sitting on my front porch swing this morning reading Blake when I couldn’t help but notice there was a somewhat muscly Marine walking down the road in front of my house. I’m the only somewhat muscly Marine who’s supposed to be walking down the road in America Junction! Then I realized it was Adam (Kokesh) and remembered that he and his girlfriend Macey spent the night here after Adam’s speaking engagement in Birmingham last night. I had forgotten they were planning to stay out here with me so we adjourned to “the country” after the after-party, which was held at the Tin Roof Bar. The location is not important now that you missed the gathering (if you did) except that that is where you might find what might be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. He works there and I saw him last night. He was wearing an Auburn ball cap (I know, drawback) turned around backwards and a t-shirt that let me know he worked at the joint. He was 6’2″ and well built with a dark brown almost-black beard. But alas, he’s not gay. This I know because he walked right passed me without noticing. All gay men and straight women notice me. I resented this affront on the part of Mr. Auburn Backwards Ballcap so much that I have marked it down as our first and last argument and have decided we won’t be seeing each other anymore.

I got lost. What was I talking about? Oh! Kokesh. And before that, Mom. Kokesh joined me on the porch and I tried to get him interested in talking about William Blake. He didn’t know who Blake was. Libertarians are against public education. Kokesh’s not knowing (and seeming disinterest in knowing) was a sufficient argument for public education and against Libertarianism. But for all I know Kokesh did receive a public education. He asked me if I’d be willing to put down the Blake for 100 pages of his (Kokesh’s) book, Freedom and I said that I would if he would put down the books on “living off the grid” for 100 pages of Blake.

So I decided to take Blake with me for my visit with Mo–

Oh right, wait, so since we came out to the country after the pub, I never made it out for my late night solo dance-a-thon and I leave for prayer ceremony in three days. Therefore, that dance will just have to wait– although there will be some dancing involved with the prayer ceremony so there’s that. The trance dance I had envisioned for last night may just get to happen at the end of June in Nashville as I committed tonight to go to Gay Pride there. But that’s far out in advance and if the past two years has taught me anything it’s go ahead and make your plans, Sugar. Only Universe (“God” et al) knows what’s really going to happen. I also made a date with a sexy young buck from South Carolina for the first week in July. We’re meeting at Six Flags in Atlanta. I haven’t been there since I worked there in the early 90s! I loaded explosives at the Batman Stunt Show.

So I took William Blake to see Mother tonight. God, I’m tired. Can’t I please just wrap this up and go to sleep? I must arrive rested in Austin on Thursday!

Blake. Mother. Kokesh. No, I’m done talking about Kokesh. Spud? No, not Spud. Yes! Spud! So– and yes, Kokesh a little more. So when Kokesh was giving his talk, he was talking about happiness and being kind and living as we want to live and I realized how vicious I was with poor little Spud before he left to Atlanta on Friday. I still think it’s a great idea if we give a friendship a rest but I wasn’t comfortable with how I had left things and especially not comfortable with how I had behaved. So I sent him this text:

I agree that it’ll be a good idea for us to take some time and space apart and I’m not saying this to elicit any response or change your actions in any way. BUT I was wrong to be so mean to you and I’m sorry for all that insane shit I said and did. I’m struggling emotionally and I projected all that onto you. I hope y’all have a GREAT weekend and enjoy yourselves like crazy men. I’ll get the check for the damage to the truck from you next week then I’ll leave you completely alone for as long as feels safe and good to you. I love you and again, I apologize for all that crap.


So there was something good that came out of the Kokesh speech I heard. Not saying that was the only thing– but it was one good thing.

Americans should know who William Blake is. And I don’t trust people, especially people in a place like Alabama to provide a sufficient (whatever that is) education if expected to do so without the help of The State (Libertarians use this term as a synonym for “Satan”). So am I a “Statist?” No, I told you, I’m a Monarchist. And I should be king.

Mom. Blake. Marriage of Heaven and Hell. It was either that or Songs of Innocence and Experience. I chose Marriage. One reason is that it contains a quote that will likely be my next tattoo. It says,

“Those who control their desires do so because theirs are weak enough to be controlled.”


Pretty badass, huh? Goodnight William Blake. I love you.

See y’all tomorrow.

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