To Bathe Again in the Gulf


It’s so nice to stand on the beach at night, to feel the breeze and smell the salt air, to bathe again in the Gulf. It’s been too long since I’ve done this and the healing quality of the world’s water, all connected, is right on time tonight. I’m happy to be back in South Alabama.

I can remember as a child coming to the Gulf Beaches on the southern tip of my home state, the unique and thrilling smell of the sea would fill the Volkswagen Beetle a mile or more before we could actually see the Gulf of Mexico. The vastness of any body of water where one can’t see the other side is humbling to me still, as a child it was as if I was seeing something from another planet; the sensation was electric.

Alabama beaches will spoil you. Our sand is sugar-white and the blue water is like bathwater for several months a year. I lived in Southern California for ten years and still never got used to the frigid Pacific. I’ve seen many beaches around the world; the Gulf beaches rival the best of them, I think.

We’ll stay here four days before heading to New Orleans.

I’m feeling pretty beat up tonight. I’m physically tired from little sleep in Atlanta and from the travel and emotionally beat up too. I miss Mom a lot and I’m tired of hearing that she’s in a better place and not suffering anymore. These things I know. And I still ache for her. And there is cruelty in the world. And sometimes it is directed at me. And it hurts me, I won’t pretend it doesn’t. Mission accomplished.

On a more positive note: to the man, my friend and faithful reader, who wrote to me sharing stories of his current dealings with his mom and being her caretaker. I just want to express gratitude for your kindness and that you took the time to reach out. I’m glad my experience with my own mom is helping you in some way. To live so publically as I do through the blog is to expose one’s vulnerable underbelly to the world and sometimes the gulls will tear flesh. To know that you (and by extension your mom) have been helped by the blog pleases me immensely and you should know that your gracious message came right on time. I pray your mother’s journey is gentle and filled with much happiness to come. If I can help you, let me know. As you are aware, I know how difficult it can be at times.

Blessings to all of you who courageously reach out with acts of kindness towards others and also to you who allow yourself to remain vulnerable, even through great fear, in often-unfriendly climes. I realize in a world like ours, it comes with risks. I also realize that sometimes you get hurt. Please know we are better because you are here. And thank you.

See y’all tomorrow.

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