The Song of the Cicadas


We just got in from seeing Mad Max and it was a sight to behold. I want to wear every single thing I saw in that movie. That’s a good excuse to be an actor right there (as if anyone needed one), to wear all those killer costumes!

I only saw my friend pray once and that was after he’d just returned from the front lines. The same friend told me that the person I thought I knew never really existed, that he was a figment of my imagination. I think there is great truth in that.

If there were only one sound allowed that was to make up the soundtrack of my life, it would be the Song of the Cicada.

There is a line from The Eyes of Babylon, “I regret every bad thing I’ve ever done.” It comes from my journals from before I left for Iraq. That’s the way I feel tonight.

George Harland, my dad’s best friend from high school came by to check on me the other day. It was very nice of him to do so. I asked him if he knew who’d bought my dad’s motorcycle because I’d like to get it back. He had one idea and so I’ll go by and talk to the man. George did say, “I know you got you dad’s fishin’ boat.” “You do?!” He called the man and set up a sale. I got the boat back for just the cost of the restoration work the other man had put into it. I’ll go fishing in my dad’s boat soon. That makes me very happy.

The high winds yesterday took down a huge part of the walnut tree down by my grandmother’s. I pretty sure it’s a sign– but of what, I have no idea.

I’m sleeping in my parents’ bed because we have company in from out of town. Jay, the horse dentist has come to visit us. He’s a right nice fella. You’d like him a lot.

Tonight there were police officers in the lobby of the Movie Theater and patrol cars out front. This, I’m sure, in response to the shooting in Louisiana. I noticed my feelings around the presence of the cops. I had a lot of them and even some conflicting opinions within my own mind. So I walked over to them and shook their hands and thanked them for their service.

See y’all tomorrow.

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