The Sun’ll Come Out

Photo on 7-29-15 at 11.12 PM

There’s resistance to writing the blog tonight but that’s no surprise because today has been one big– oh good! Bella just joined me on the bed and is snuggling in next to my legs. Bella you’re actually panting! Doesn’t that tell you something?! Even with the air conditioner on and the floor fan and the ceiling fan, it is still 327° in here. Oh good. She figured it out. Stay down there Bella. Uncle Jeff is too hot for cuddling tonight.

There’s resistance to writing the blog tonight, which is no surprise because today has been a study in how undisciplined I can actually be. I have so much to get accomplished in the next thirteen days I just don’t know where to start; so today I didn’t start at all. I ate the rest of the cupcakes Shana made and drank a gallon of whole milk and rolled up some of my prayer tie tobacco and smoked it (gross) and also bummed one from my buddy at the meeting and this after kicking myself in the dick daily for the past two weeks doing two-a-day workouts except of course for today because I left late and missed the 13:00 WOD at CrossFit and then my power lifting buddy cancelled on me and the right thing to do would have been to go on to the meathead gym by myself and then hit the 16:30 CrossFit but instead I decided to go to Birmingham and see if I couldn’t find the kindness of strangers which of course I did and felt tired and frustrated and lonely by the time the sun was getting low in the sky because I hadn’t gotten anything productive done today. Imagine.

But I’ve been down the porcelain portal before on the tide of self-recrimination when I’ve fallen short so I’m depending on grace of God, the good counsel of my friends in our meeting-after-the-meeting tonight, the prayer I shared with Jolene over the phone, and the knowledge that if I’m willing, the Benevolent Force to which I daily surrender my life (even on days when I take back my will pretty early on in the game like I did today) will be there in the morning to help me if I’ll only suit up and show up one more time and do my best. And the only way that today will be a complete wash is if I don’t learn from its mistakes. Rub some dirt on it, Marine. March forward.

As I’ve shared with you more than once, I think there is great power in simply getting the right start to the day so I’ll make a list of the first ten things I’ll do upon waking tomorrow, look at them when I wake up, and simply follow the directions.

Ugh. Bella’s back for more snuggling. Perhaps it was a mistake to make her stop chewing on the extension cord (that was still plugged in) five minutes ago.

Here are the directions for the start to tomorrow in hopes that it will turn out to be a more productive and fulfilling day than today:

  1. Say a surrender prayer.
  2. Feed the dogs and let them pee.
  3. Pound a big glass of water before your first cup of coffee.
  4. Do morning pages.
  5. Do your ROMWOD.
  6. Make the bed.
  7. Jump in the pool.
  8. Call your action partner.
  9. Meditate five minutes.
  10. Sit down to write for at least one hour.

Good luck Jeff. I’m pulling for you.

Oh wait, tomorrow’s trash day.

9b. Take the trash to the end of the drive.

Okay, good luck me. You got this.

See y’all tomorrow.

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