Blue Moon


Tonight is the blue moon, the second full moon in a month. People who know about such things say it’s also the– what is it? About Aquarius? Aquarius rising? What is Aquarius anyway? Is it a constellation? The dawning of the age of Aquarius. That’s something. I mean it’s a song in Hair but doesn’t it mean something? Water signs. Air signs. I know that Jesus lived on earth during the Piscean age. Pisces. The fish. That’s why the Christians have that fish on their car. The fish was the symbol of Christianity when they were being so persecuted for their beliefs they had to keep it a secret. Wouldn’t a lot of modern day Christians crap if they knew they had a sign of the zodiac on their car to show they’re Christians?

Blue Moon. There’s that song. I wonder what it looks like in Kentucky tonight, the moon. Is the blue moon of Kentucky different than the one I see in Alabama?

I talked to my friend Sharon tonight. She’s doing a ritual around the blue moon– a ritual of letting go and also of opening to knew possibilities. I think I’ll do it too. Want to do it with me?

Make a list of what you want to let go of. Make a list of what you want to manifest. Meditate on the list of things you want to let go of and read from the list, holding a “letting go” stone in the other hand. Read it by candlelight under the blue moon. Burn the list. Bury the stone. Read the list of things you want to manifest while holding a “manifesting stone” in the other hand. This can be a favorite stone, a crystal if you have it. Burn that list. Bury the stone. Tomorrow, dig that stone up. Carry it with you. Do not did up the “letting go” stone. That one you leave buried.

Sure, I’ll try it. What have we got to lose? God doesn’t mind how you pray. If you’re scared, you might should consider if you practice a fear-based religion or a Love-based religion.

It’s almost midnight. You can do it too. You have until noon tomorrow according to Sharon’s friend. Don’t forget to pray. Praying is an important part. Likely it’s the important part. All rituals are metaphors anyway I think.

If you happen to read this after this blue moon has past, that’s okay. You can do it anyway. Time is a convention of this reality anyway. In the real Reality, all time is existing at once. So transport yourself to the blue moon time when you need to do the blue moon ceremony. It’ll work if you have faith. I promise.

Okay, I’m going to make my lists.

See y’all tomorrow.

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