When To Workout


My workout partner and I have been hitting it very hard at the gym. The gym is a great touchstone for me because it reminds me how the rest my life can go if I let it. Set goals. Realize it likely won’t happen overnight. Work harder than you think you can. Rest. Feed yourself. Drink lots of water. Welcome encouragement. Educate yourself. Find fellow travelers with similar interests and goals. Pray. Don’t give up.

I have to remember that the two times I should go workout is when I want to and when I don’t. And I get results.

I’m leaving in a week for a month on a spiritual pilgrimage. I’ve hired a couple of people to come here and stay to tend the pool and the pups in my absence. I only mention that so that– well, you know, blogging that you’re not going to be home for a month is kind of an invitation to robbers but if that’s you, you should know that one of the perks of housesitting for me is that I buy extra ammunition as a special thanks to whomever I hire. They may not be a good shot like I am and I’d hate for them to worry about running out before the robbers were deader’n dead, which is the way we like them. Good Lord, where did all that come from? We did deadlifts today. I guess it squirted extra testosterone into the system. Tomorrow is legs. My workout partner kicks my dick off everyday. But I love it. He’s very serious about his goals and it motivates me to push harder too. And speaking of which, It’s now after 22:00 and it’s a morning workout tomorrow. I had a a bunch of incendiary shit to say about abortion and war tonight but, you know what? I’m gonna skip that. The Instagram post of me flipping off the Confederate flag should be enough to start a couple of fires tonight. That way I don’t feeling like I’m letting my serious commitment to being a rabble-rouser go unmet. You know, I have seen more Confederate flags in the past month than I have seen in my entire life– and I grew up in “The Heart of Dixie!”

Hark, the drums of war.

See y’all tomorrow.

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