It’s hard to leave Australia. Mostly it’s hard to say goodbye to all my new friends, folks I’d never met before October 12th last year but of whom I have become very fond. Simon will follow me on a later flight to The States tomorrow. If I was leaving him behind for a few months today, I’m not sure I could make myself board this plane.


I got a super-cheap flight on Air New Zealand for this trip. The flight over was fun and so far I’m a fan of the airline. Sy travels on Quantas and I already have some miles with them too so unless it means a huge price difference, I reckon we should choose one or the other so we can travel together on our sky miles points. There’s gonna be a lot of traveling back and forth between our countries, even when we decide who’ll it’ll be who immigrates. Probably me.


I love Australia and would be content to make it home as long as I could make frequent trips to the U.S. to visit my family and friends. Also, New York and L.A. have what is probably a life-long hold on me and I can’t see myself being away from either for very long. I have an important calling as an artist and Gotham and Hollywood play into that equation in ways that transcend understanding.


My life is different now– different for sure than it was as 2014 lumbered into Autumn. The last part of that year and the whole of 2015 was dedicated to changing the things that weren’t working in my life. I love the life I have now. You can wish for a better life or work for one. Guess which one works better.


I’m in the boarding area waiting to hop on the plane that will take us to Auckland. The American man standing next to me in a Packers ballcap just announced (loudly) to his wife, “When we fly again, we’re flying business class. We’re not flying with the poor people.” His comment reminds me of what I hate most about America. Is it too late to call Simon to come back and get me? These Trump worshiping fools would be sad if they were only destroying their own lives but the fact is, they are destroying America and if given enough power, they could reek global havoc.


Maybe I should just rip up this boarding pass and stay. Nah, I’ll be glad to go to America for a bit. Hopefully one bad apple does not in fact spoil the whole bunch. America has more than one bad apple to be sure. Leave the U.S. and all you have to turn on the television to see our worst paraded for the entire world to see. Regarding a potential Trump presidency and the fact that, should he actually get the Republican nomination, about half of America are willing to vote for him, most Australians just say, “Are they serious, Mate?”


To be fair, here and elsewhere I’ve traveled outside The United States, I must say I’ve usually been very proud to be American. I love America and am grateful to have been lucky enough to be born there. We’ve offered the world some of its best art, music, literature, film and TV, not to mention advances in Science to include Medicine.


None of what makes me proud to be American is based in jingoistic nationalism (I use the term “‘merica” quite ironically) or our military stronghold on most of the planet. In fact, most of what makes me choke up when I hear our (admittedly war-ish) National Anthem is rooted in things my fellow Americans have done to improve the life of all citizens of the planet and not just those lucky enough to have been born in or immigrated to The U.S..




I’m now soaring above the Pacific headed toward New Zealand. I have a four-hour layover in Auckland (probably why this flight was so cheap). I don’t mind it. That’ll give me time to have a nice dinner and finish up this blog. Right now, I’m gonna sit back (as I was encouraged to do by our friendly flight crew) and enjoy some of Air New Zealand’s famous service and maybe watch a movie. I’m increasingly interested in writing for the screens (large and small) so I’m starting to watch movies with a different eye these days.


I’m happy and content and, as always, grateful to have y’all along for the ride.


(again, later)


I forgot about the time change so my math was bad. My layover in New Zealand was actually only a little over an hour, time for some shrimp and pork wonton noodles and something to drink. Now I’m aloft again and zooming towards America.


I’ve just had a nice chat with one of the flight attendants, a kiwi (someone from New Zealand). There’s nothing that compares to travel for expanding one’s worldview– actually talking with someone who’s had a different life experience that you. I reckon education and travel are about the best way anybody can spend their money unless it’s to provide for those you love. Actually, now that I think about it, providing those things for those you love covers both bases now doesn’t it? I dream of being able to invite my brother and his family to Australia, to take my nieces and nephews to Paris for the first time, or to invite my friends to a villa in Italy to write a play together. Dreams are great but they’ll remain that if I don’t work for them. I’ve had a little taste of what happens when you set a goal and work towards it and I want more.


On the flight from Sydney to Auckland I watched all but the last few minutes of Justin Kurzel’s film adaptation of MacBeth starring Michael Fassender (jobs well done by the way). I might finish moivie, have dinner and try to get some sleep. When we land in L.A., it will only be afternoon so if I don’t get some shuteye on this trip I’ll be toast for the first few days I’m stateside. Don’t want that.

I’ll say good afternoon and wrap this up when I land. And you will have traveled about 8,000 miles with me. Welcome aboard.


(much, much later)


I’m snug in my bedroom at Scotch and Todd’s in the Hollywood Hills. I must say it feels good to be home. I rented my standard LA rental car, a red convertible Mustang. It somehow just makes sense, this car in this city. I had to put the top up with it began to rain. So much for that song about it not ever raining in Southern California. I hope it clears before morning. I’m meant to pickup up– whoops, I’m back in America– make that I’m supposed to pick up Simon at LAX tomorrow morning early. (in Australia “I’m meant to” = “I’m supposed to.”– I reckon I’ve picked up a little of the Aussie way of speaking.)

I’m reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’ve read it several times. I’ve read it more than any novel. Oscar Wilde is brilliant in ways that sometimes I think he’s just showing off. I’ll spend a few minutes (probably a very few) before falling asleep. Even writing this, my eyelids are starting to grow heavy.


See you tomorrow.




The body wakes at midnight telling me it’s time to wake up, go jump in the Pacific at Clovelly Bay and start another day in Australia– only I’m in Los Angeles. Figured I’d amend the blog and then watch some Seth McFarland shows on Netfilx (they’re not available in Australia.)


Simon introduced me to this great app that let’s you track any flight. He always “watches over me” when I’m flying. It makes me feel loved and “looked after.” “Looked after” is the Australian way of saying “taken care of.” Simon’s a gift. Mom had something to do with it I’m sure. God’s who I thank. I need him. And we compliment each other in the most unforeseen ways.

(much, much, much later)



So not time to get up yet. It’s 02:38. My alarm is set for 05:00 so I can do Morning Pages before time to head to LAX to pick up the man I love. I bet I’ll be hurting in the morning from all this lack of sleep.

Because y’all’ve been a part of this whole journey, I thought I’d let you participate in my jetlag. Hope you’re sleeping well and I hope we can work together to help you get to be where I am if that’s your wish– a place of dreams coming true– and a general sense of happiness and gratitude.








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