Crossfit, Steroids and a New Way of Doing Things

Okay, it’s only 19:15 and I’m already in the rack.  And I’m probably going to be going to nitey-nite land here any minute.  The cold rain’s coming down outside and I’ve got all the animals piled up in the bedroom with me… well, most of the animals, Adam is in his office studying and probably will all night tonight.  No matter how much I advocate for another practice, he stays up all night every time they have a test.  I guess that’s how he stays consistently in the top ten per cent of his class.  I don’t usually sleep that well when he’s not in the bed.  I hope tonight is different.  I need the rest.  I’m gunning for another week of Crossfit.

Crossfit has changed my life.  Okay, maybe that’s hyperbole (or at least premature to say so) since I’ve only been going for a couple months and only going as much for a couple of weeks.  Last week was the first week I’d done five days in a row.  I frickin’ felt it too.  This weekend’s been a lot about working from bed with my laptop, trying to hydrate and resting my brain a bit by watching a shit-ton of movies today.  I’ll be ready to get back in there in the morning though.  We’d been going to the 7am but I think we’re going to bump it on earlier to the 6am class.  I went to the 6am once this past week and to tell the truth it’s not that much different.  I like to write for thirty minutes when I first wake up and do a little yoga, prayer and meditation before I leave the house so I guess starting tomorrow I’ll get up at four instead of five.  Hell, I did it a lot in the Marines, no reason I can’t get back to it now.  Plus, I have a lot I need to be getting accomplished in preparation for the New York run and I also want to get these next two plays I’m working on finished so I can start trying to pimp them out.  Crossfit helps my head too.

In some ways I feel like my whole body is restructuring itself. Outside of some of the shit I did in Marine training, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically… but it’s working for me big time.  I love the way I feel and for the first time in a while I’m starting to like the way I look again.  I wish like hell I’d discovered this way of working out when I was much younger.  I did a bunch of steroids when I was in my thirties and just went in there in the gym and did what so many other guys do, try to pump up one muscle or the other.  I think it was actually worse for my body because working out that way gets you all out of balance.  I truly believe that’s even worse for you than the steroids.  Crossfit is a total fitness approach to working out.  You never see anyone at Crossfit with a huge upper body and twiggy legs like you do at the regular “mirror” gyms.  I wonder where I would be physically if I’d started working out like this twenty years ago.  Oh well, no since crying over spilt deca-durabolin.  I can start doing it right now and when I’m sixty-five and can look back and say, “At least I’ve spent the last twenty years working out right” instead of “I wish I’d started when I was forty-five.”  If I had to do it over again, I’d do it in a higher and better way but as I’ve said a million times, “no regrets.”  I can see how my experience can benefit others, especially young boys who have to live with the oppression of the myth that girls are the only ones who suffer under the “body image paradigm.”  Boys do too, believe me.  Girls just get all the press about it.  Whether they’ll admit it or not, whether they talk about it or not, in the same way girls are made to believe they’re only pretty if they look like a twig with tits,  boys are made to believe their bodies aren’t good enough until they look like UFC fighters.

Okay, enough preaching.  I’m taking my body and soul to Crossfit in a few hours and it will be the best part of my day.

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