I Love Crooks and Perverts

I don’t feel like I’ve talked to y’all in days although I would have sworn that I blogged yesterday.  Since the days leading up to my coming to New York were pretty sleep deprived and since I’ve been burning it at both ends since I got here, I’m feeling like if I were given the opportunity I could sleep for about a week.  That being said I have to say that this has been one the best trips to New York I’ve ever had.  I’ve literally found myself walking down the street singing and whistling and its been a while since I’ve been that chipper.  I love New York, for a lot of the reasons people often list and for some that they don’t. I love the sounds.  I love smelling my fellow humans when stuffed on a crowded train.  I love that I walk about seven miles a day running up and down this island. I fucking love theatre.  I love traveling through the subway stations and hearing the musicians.  It makes life in the city this one big concert.  I’ve been brought to tears by the beauty of their artistry more than once over these last three days.  I saw a musical group called “Crooks and Perverts” at the Bedford stop on the L train in Brooklyn.  Even though I had someplace to be, I couldn’t leave the station.  I just sat in the floor and wrote in my little black Moleskin.  Life is good. Watch these fine artists at this address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vptYMxWfQlo



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