Working Late on a Holiday (with Catherine Zeta Jones and Adam Kokesh)



Catherine Zeta Jones is alone in her office, working late on Christmas night. The office is dark except for a green-glass banker’s lamp on the desk. We see a manilla file folder with the name “Key, Jeffrey A.” empty and open on the desk, it’s contents strewn across the leather-topped antique desk. There is a sheet marked “Goals” with several items listed there. Several other  sheets have individual goals listed on each. On each sheet under each goal is a list marked “Action Items.” Other sheets are marked “neuroses,” “fears,” “hopes and dreams,” “improvements,” “early life traumas,” “Adam Nelson MD,”  “strengths,” and “military/war” among others. 

A light knocking is heard at the door. Catherine Zeta Jones does not answer. The door slowly opens and Adam Kokesh enters. He walks slowly to the desk and goes to stand behind Catherine Zeta Jones. Adam Kokesh looks at the papers, sees what has this remarkable being working so late on a holiday. 

ADAM KOKESH: Working late on a holiday.

CATHERINE ZETA JONES: This is important; it has to get done.

She continues to work, reading and making notes on some of the pages. 

ADAM KOKESH: You must love him very much.

She glances quickly at him.

CATHERINE ZETA JONES: Said the pot to the kettle.

ADAM KOKESH: (scoffing) Whatever.

She pull of her sexy reading glasses letting them dangle, balanced on one finger.

CATHERINE ZETA JONES: Are you going to try to tell me that there is anything that you wouldn’t do for him?

Her point hits its target. The look on his face says, “touché.

CATHERINE ZETA JONES: Now why don’t you go hit the rack Marine. Get some rest. One of us should; we’re almost four months in already— a third of the way.

Adam Kokesh leans in, they exchange a brief but passionate kiss. She reacts but her reaction is hard for him to read.


CATHERINE ZETA JONES: You kiss like he does.

Adam Kokesh smirks, a puff of air leaves his nostrils in a slight laugh.


ADAM KOKESH: So do you.

He turns to leave. Tight shot on Catherine Zeta Jones’ face, her reaction to his bombshell. She then watches his perfect ass as he walks toward the door. Just before he leaves he turns, gives her a wink. He gently closes the door behind him.

She returns to her work, shuffles through the papers, pulls an index card from beneath the pile. Tight shot on card, it reads:

“See y’all tomorrow.”

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