Briefly, On Writing or Great Beauty Comes at a Price


Here it is 23:00 and I’m only now getting to the blog. It’s past my bedtime as I generally like to keep farmer’s hours these days. If I try to sleep in, Willie wakes us all by 06:00 by barking, “I’m hungry Daddy, wake up!”

The reason I’m just now starting the blog is because I was immersed in another writing project. I was completely into it in the way that doesn’t happen all the time in my writing but when it does, it’s as good as it gets. Once I get started writing, it’s actually very enjoyable to me. It’s the getting my ass to the seat that usually is the biggest challenge. The scheduling and time tracking is helping in that area, even though I’m having to be very patient with myself as I learn to do it. The wielding of that tool is coming very slowly. As my friend Mary Stancavage loves to say, “Oh well.”

Another area where I could stand some improvement is in finishing. I actually have quite a few “almost finished” scripts, short stories, etc. in my computer. Without being reductive, I think it’s mostly about the fact that when it’s finished, it’s time to launch it and that opens my work up for the possibility of rejection! Some rejection is inevitable if you’re an artist who puts himself or herself out there. But the more one has weathered, the more you can handle it. Even the shitty, snide little comments on the blog are useful and great in this way. I thank God for not only bringing many wonderful people into my life but also regularly showing me examples of what I don’t want to be.

I think that’s going to be it for tonight. I want to get back to the script in the morning and tomorrow is leg day at the gym. Ugh. Great beauty comes at a price. 😉

See y’all tomorrow.

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